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There are two packages available, a full install package in zip format that contains all the files needed to run the AutoTrader program, and the AutoTrader.jar file only package. For first time users, get the full install package. For upgrading between versions, you can just download the AutoTrader.jar and replace the one you have in your system. I provided a DOS batch file called AT.cmd that you can double click to start the AutoTrader program. The only prerequisite to run AutoTrader is you must have Java 1.4 runtime software installed.

To install, simply unzip the package into its own directory, do not modify the file layout structure. To start the program, simply double click AT.cmd file (for Unix users, you need to chmod the file to allow execution, and you may need to edit the file to specify the full path location of java executable if it is not in your PATH environment).

Downloading and/or using the program implies you agree to the terms and conditions specified at the bottom of the home page.

You need to install Winzip or Winrar or some other file compression program that can extract zip files to extract the file out after you download.

New! MD5 Checksum for the AutoTrader Files

In order to assure you have downloaded an uncorrupted file, I have added the MD5 checksum value here for you to compare. There are many free MD5 checksum programs available. You can use WinAFV32, get it at To use the AutoTrader.md5 file, right click on the link and save the file to the same location as where you saved the or AutoTrader.jar file. Open the file using WinMD5 and verify the checksum of the downloaded files. Linux comes with md5sum program, to verify checksum type md5sum -c AutoTrader.md5.

The MD5 checksum not only assures you do not have a corrupted file, it also gives you assurance that the file you are getting is unaltered. Always download AutoTrader files from this website, and never use a copy that you get somewhere else or someone passes on to you.

Click on a file link below to start download.

Note: Files here have been removed, please download the lastest version from the new website.

Full Install Package
Jar File Upgrade from 1.21b or later only
MD5 Checksum
QuickStart Guide
AutoTrader verson 1.23p
MD5 checksum
AutoTrader.jar 1.23p
MD5 checksum

Ensign Playback Data Files

Get Ensign Playback files from this link
Or get it directly from Ensign Software site.

CME Globex Time and Sales Data Files

Get CME Globex Time and Sales Data from this link or using FTP at in /pub/gtime. You need to unzip the file downloaded and use the file with .iom extension for playback.


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